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WV: Keep Up the Pressure for Campus Carry

Dear friend, Good news! In a 29-4 vote, the Campus Self-Defense Act (SB 10), passed the West Virginia State Senate.

GOA GOA January 26, 2023

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New York Times Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Terms Like ‘Chestfeeding,’ ‘Latinx’

Americans whole-heartedly reject several woke terms created by radical leftists to control ideas and dialogue.

Breitbart Breitbart December 30, 2022
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WH: Biden Believes Abortion Is a ‘Fundamental Right’ During the Entire Pregnancy

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” White House Office of Public

Breitbart Breitbart October 19, 2022

USA Today: Stop Using ‘Culturally Sensitive Words’ Like ‘Aloha’, ‘Shalom’

Greetings such as “aloha” and “shalom” are “culturally sensitive” and their use

Breitbart Breitbart January 17, 2023

Massive Wave Causes Fatal Cruise Ship Accident

'We wondered if we hit an iceberg'

Daily Caller Daily Caller December 2, 2022

BAYRAQ: Biden Has Become The Captain Of Xi Jinping’s Global Cheer Squad

Biden and Harris seem to be falling over themselves to flatter the

Daily Caller Daily Caller November 25, 2022

Amnesty International Apologizes for Report on Ukraine Harming Civilians

Amnesty International (AI) said on Sunday that it “deeply regrets the distress

Breitbart Breitbart August 9, 2022

REPORT: CEO Of AMC Resigns After Three Months, Company Warns Of Layoffs

'The mechanisms for the monetization of content are in disarray'

Daily Caller Daily Caller November 29, 2022

GOP Rep. Gimenez: ‘I Don’t Take Too Much’ from SCOTUS Extension of Title 42

Tuesday, during an appearance on Fox News on the heels of the

Breitbart Breitbart December 28, 2022