Inflation Bites: Christmas Day Staples Turkey, Pork, Up 20 Per Cent

Turkey, pork, and other Christmas day staples have all seen price spikes of around 20 per cent or more amid

Breitbart Breitbart December 5, 2022

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GOA Joins the Fight Against New Oregon Gun Control

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 1, 2022 Washington, D.C. – Last night, Gun Owners of America (GOA) and Gun Owners Foundation

GOA GOA December 2, 2022

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Exclusive: Surging Republican Blake Masters: ‘Momentum’ over Biden Agenda ‘Puppet’ Mark Kelly Undeniable

Arizona's republican nominee for U.S. Senate, Blake Masters, appeared on Breitbart News Saturday and told host Matthew Boyle that the momentum behind his campaign against

Breitbart Breitbart October 23, 2022
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Ron DeSantis: 25,000 Linemen Ready for Power Outages in Florida

Thousands of linemen are ready to restore power in Florida as Hurricane

Breitbart Breitbart September 26, 2022

Taiwanese envoy explains why he congratulated China’s Xi

Taiwanese envoy Morris Chang says it was his decision to congratulate Chinese

RT RT November 21, 2022

Ivan Timofeev: What does the West’s ‘oil price cap’ mean for Russia and how will Moscow respond?

After months of back and forth, the scheme finally begins as questions

RT RT December 5, 2022

CNN Defends Source of Misleading Mass-Shooting Data

CNN was forced to prop up the long-debunked Gun Violence Archive –

Ammoland Ammoland August 22, 2022

Harry Hamlin Under Fire For Creepy Pose With His Daughter

The pose is one that most would expect to see from a

Daily Caller Daily Caller October 27, 2022

Attacker Sets Residences on Fire, Shoots People as They Flee Flames

An attacker in Houston, Texas, set fire to residences shortly after 1

Breitbart Breitbart August 28, 2022

Famous Rapper Kendrick Lamar Stuns Fans With His Bizarre Disappearing Stunt

The video clip shows Lamar on stage one second and, suddenly, he

Daily Caller Daily Caller August 4, 2022

What Is Joe Biden Saying? No, Seriously. What Words Are These?

This doesn't make us look like elder abusers at all [SARCASM]

Daily Caller Daily Caller October 21, 2022